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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
George Santayana (1863-1952)

oTwilight represents another “alternative media” contribution to the blogosphere. The initial focus will be on Yemen and Iran, although not exclusively.


Since almost two years, the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe has been unfolding in Yemen. This cataclysm has been deliberately engineered by the barbarian aggressors, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with active military support from the U.S and Great Britain and with other Western nations aiding and abetting in the crime. The war of aggression has become a genocide in the most strict sense of the word. It is coordinated and financed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Sweden is directly co-responsible for the genocide in Yemen, supporting the aggressors by selling arms to them. In an attempt to cover up this fact, Sweden contributes with political and diplomatic support and by not criticising them.


In 1953, USA and Great Britain abolished democracy in Iran by engineering a coup overthrowing the immensely popular prime minister, Mossadegh, for the insolence of nationalising Iran’s vast oil resources according to what he had promised in his electoral campaign and to the expectations of the Iranian nation. The CIA-made dictatorship swiftly elevated Iran’s status to “US/Western favourite partner in the Middle East”. The Iranian Revolution (1979) and the subsequent founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran reversed this situation, turning Iran into a pariah state in the eyes of the Western countries. The fundamental explanation for the post revolution frenzy against Iran is that the U.S/UK and the West have never accepted that Iran, with its enormous geo-strategic significance, should exercise its rights as sovereign state, putting an end to its status as vassal state.

For these reasons, the U.S./UK have sought to destabilise Iran all since the revolution 1979. A plethora of methods and actions from “the regime change toolkit” have been used, most of them blatant examples of deep rooted hypocrisy for perpetrators claiming to have “human rights” and “democracy” as guiding principles in all their endeavours. In order to make these policies “understandable” to the Western public, it has been crucial to portray Iran as a “rogue state”, a country next to hell. As usual, the Main Stream Media, champions of “fact control” and “source critique” have played a vital role in this long standing campaign of defamation against Iran.

This theme will be further elaborated in forthcoming posts.

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