Destruction of Yemen

Stop the war of aggression against Yemen!

The Main Stream Media describe the war in Yemen as a “civil war” between the “internationally recognised government” and the “Houthi”-rebels, alternatively as a “proxy war” between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This shows how these media, self declared champions of “fact checking” and “source critique” distorts the narrative so as to turn it into propaganda of some undeclared agenda. What is clear is that the Western narrative regarding what is going on in Yemen is conspicuously similar to that of the Saudis and The UAE.

The war is a war of intervention and aggression against Yemen, driven mainly by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in violation of that country’s sovereign rights according to the UN Charter. The U.S and Great Britain openly assist the aggressors militarily, but also diplomatically, and propaganda-wise. Several other Western countries are colluding by selling arms to the aggressors.

The aggressors have taken the Yemeni civilian population as hostages by systematically using starvation as a weapon of war, which is a clear breach of intrnational humanitarian law, i.e. a War Crime. As a result, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen has become the world’s largest, also including one of History’s largest cholera epidemics.

encircled iran

No to sanctions and imperial war against Iran!

The above map shows the location of american military bases in Iran’s neigbourhood and gives an indication of the constant military pressure and level of threat against Iran.

Ever since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the U.S/West have sought to weaken Iran with the aim of taking down the government of that country. The methods applied have ranged over a broad spectrum:

  • Regular acts of war

  • Assisting third party countries in committing acts of war, including grave war crimes, against Iran

  • Under cover” operations and direct support to terror organisations operating on Iranian territory

  • Attempts at economic strangulation of the country
  • Diplomatic isolation
  • Propagandistic defamation campaign in Main Stream Media

These points and the underlying driving forces will be further elaborated upon in later posts.

His Master's voice

His Master’s voice

During the Cold War, Sweden’s main defense and foreign policy doctrine was: “Non-aligned in times of peace, neutral in times of war”. This doctrine was backed by a strong military defense in order to deter any potential aggressor. Since the end of that period, and starting with the new Unipolar (U.S.-polar) international system, Sweden, from being a sovereign nation, has gradually given up on this, as well as its longstanding principle of neutrality, succumbing to the aggressive policies of the U.S. and NATO in Europe and globally.

The country’s leadership has sneaked us into NATO in all but a formal membership. This un-democratic journey from sovereign nation to vassal state implies that from now on, the enemies of the U.S. are the enemies of Sweden, and the friends of the U.S. are the friends of Sweden. Deviations from this principle are considered harmful to Sweden’s relations to the U.S, politically as well as economically.

The MSM:s (“Main Stream Media”) have betrayed their important mission as objective truth-seekers and investigators, particularly when it comes to crucial foreign policy issues. The principle of submission is meticulously applied, the MSM have become the megaphones of Power. This is blatantly obvious when it comes to the reporting on Yemen, which by most dimensions are difficult to distinguish from the obfuscated, far fetched version coming out from Saudi Arabia in order to justify their war of aggression and genocide.